Couch on Canvas

The project ‘Couch on Canvas’ shows seating furniture with cushions and sofa melted together in one piece. A canvas slipcover is draped on top and covers the sofa entirely, and fits the body like a jacket. Only the bold painted outlines on the canvas cover draw out a suggestion of separation between seat and pillows. As if an artist just left his wet canvas.

‘In her work Annebet loves to look at iconic shapes and at how people use or are used to common objects. She enjoys challenging people’s conventional perceptions in a playful way. For this project, she looked at the most ordinary shape of a sofa and noticed the fact that people usually throw pillows on it. By already pre-arranging the cushions and integrating them in the body, she created a sculptural, surprising yet comfortable object, that puts a smile on people’s face as they notice the twist.’

8.Covers in colors.png